Westwood’s Carnival – Jay-Z

Tim Westwood, what can you say about him that hasnt been said already. The big man has been trending on twitter recently with the comments mainly being i hate him or i hate him and he is a legend. For me he is a legend someone that ahs done more for hip hop in the UK than almost anyone else. Yes he may be white and a son of a vicar but what has that got to to with anything that’s more a symptom of other people’s narrow minded view of hip hop. they say he acts black, as far i am concerned he isn’t. He is acting Hip Hop, on his show he dials it down but when in front of a television camera he dials it up and that’s where most of the hate is from.

One of the many great things he has done is upload some of his footage from his carnival stage show from the mid 90’s. I recently chatted to an older family friend and he told me that his favourite Carnival moment in 20 years was watching Jay Z before he made it big. And here is that video of a Du-ragged Jay-Z looking a lot less cool than he does now. It’s weird to think that certain moments crystallise musicians but according to 1 youtube commentator this is his/her moment realising that Jay-Z is a star.

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