Trini Gladiata’s Carnival Recommendations

We were first introduced to Trini Gladiata (or some of you may know him as MC Prankster)  when he mc’d alongside CWD at our October session last year. Since then, he has become part of the HDD family. You can find him with us most night’s hyping the HDD crowd,  when he’s not flying around the world, going from carnival to carnival.

You can catch him this Saturday at HDD August session where he will be going back to back with  DJ White Gold , bringing the carnival vibe to CAMP.

To kick off our month of carnival related posts, here are Trini Gladiata’s recommendations for Notting Hill Carnival.

What is your favourite Carnival Soundsystem , or area of Notting Hill Carnival?

For me Notting Hill is all about d soca “floats”. I try to check the soundsystems and have friends that play on or hang out “religiously” at certain spots so I pass and check em but the soca bands/”floats” is it.
Carnival is a not a spectator sport. Big up the thousands of spectators that come out and support but participating is a thousand times better!

With the soundsystems you can get caught up in “human traffic” and spend half your day trying to link people. The floats u go with d flow! The most vibes are there and u tend to bounce up with whoever in d mix.. that’s more like carnival at home a sea of people moving together.

This year I will be mcin/djayin and just partyin with abir, langiappe and poison crews!

What is your carnival anthem, of all time or this year?
Wow.. Too many to mention but for all time Notting Hill Carnival I will go for David Rudder – “Trini to the Bone” not a hype ting but its a special one.. When the trucks pass trini hill its one of the tunes they play as a salute to all the trinbagonians that been living in Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove area from back when it was a VERY different neighbourhood in the 50s, 60s and 70s..Those Trinis started Notting Hill Carnival and deserve that salute! That tune is pretty much a national anthem and has a message that all West Indian and other immigrants can relate to.

Tune for this year is Wotless by Kes the Band… He’s a bredren from secondary school. Good to see them doing their ting!

What is the best food stall to eat at,  or your favourite Carnival food or drink?
I can’t say I have a fave food stall.. Im usually on the move so I eat wherever, and I get my fair share of Caribbean food all year round so I’m easy but – Drink wise – There is a Greneda lady off Westbourne Park with the best “energy” punches.. Yes “energy” I see her once a year.. Its like taking my yearly dose of medicine.. Judith I hope you are reading this blog! Haha!

See yuh on d road but before that see you at HDD August 6th with my good bredren White Gold! Soca and dancehall to warm for the carnival!

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