HDD Top 5 x Paddy’s Day Drinking Songs

Tomorrow is March 17th a date when the Irish and Plastic Paddy’s all over the world celebrate Lá Fhéile Pádraig or St Patrick’s Day. It’s a day celebrating Ireland’s patron saint (the man responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland and who also banished the snakes from the Emerald Isle) where people wear green, don some shamrocks and in true Irish tradition get ridiculously drunk. Everyone seems to claim to be Irish when March 17th rolls around, so here are our top 5 drinking tunes from around the globe.

Thin Lizzy – Whisky in the Jar

Kicking off the list with an Irish classic from Thin Lizzy, not the usual thing we post on here but it being Paddy’s Day we must pay homage to a great Irish band with one of the best frontmen rock n roll has seen.

Dr Sid – Pop Champagne

even though Nigerians have got their own version of Guinness (with even more added barley or whatnot), the populous still like to get flossy with their drinking habits. Pop Champagne does exactly what it says on the tin and it’s a song about popping the sparkly stuff. I dare you not to sing the chorus next time you are opening a bottle.

Olatunji – Designated Driver

What is Soca without some alcohol? Soca tends to bring out the many people out of their shells, so of course it goes hand in hand with booze. Olatunji makes a song celebrating those who are the true heroes of the party Designated Drivers. The best bit is the Police officer drunk test bridge.

Droop-E – Rossi Wine (Feat Kendrick Lamar)

This isn’t 100% a drinking song, its more and ad against the use of cough syrup as a drink aka drank. However two of our favourite rappers West coasts Kendrick Lamar and son of E-40, Droop-E combine to make an classy ode to the red wine.

Busy Signal – Real Spenders (DJ Theory Refix)

Probably our favourite dancehall song at the moment, Theory gives this busy song a chilled out moombahtonnu vibe. It’s the chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. “Ace of Spades … by the box/ Hennessey … on the rocks/ Don’t drink Nuvo … me give my girl that.”

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