HDD Top 5 x Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

If you don’t know of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, that’s fine but lets get you up to speed. This song writing and production team were originally members of seminal band The Time. They toured with Prince as his opening act and my favourite song of theirs is Jungle Love. Ultimately they became a titan production unit producing for the likes of Janet Jackson, Usher, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and a whole host of others… To date they have 16 top 100 billboard number ones. We over here at HDD HQ wanted to pick our top 5 jams by the duo with an intention of showing the breadth of their work.

Usher – Bad Girl

A lot of people loved Usher’s Confessions Lp, we on the other hand we prefer 8701, Bad Girl is one of the songs that will make us reconsider that fact. We went with this live version with Beyonce starring as the titular Bad Girl.

Janet Jackson – Bounce

What’s not to love about this song? Janet at her cutest, breathing sensually all over this (i think) I Dream of Jeanie sampling R and B jam. The addition of a Jay-Z adlib tops it all off.

Shaggy – Dance & Shout

So this came out in 2002, for some reason I thought this came out earlier, the production which samples Jackson 5’s Shake Your Body smacks of Will Smith getting Jiggy Wit It era of pop. Shaggy does his Mr Boombastic vibe that only he can do (and continues to do). I’ve included the TOTP performance because it’s worth a watch.

Big Pun and Beenie Man – Make Me Sweat

Before Professor Green relaunched his career Big Pun and Beenie Man teamed up and used that INXS sample to great effect on this collaboration. It’s a shame that there isn’t an official video to this as it would have been amazing. Get them to perform it at the Puerto Rico day parade in New York.

Cheryl Lynn – Encore

It was a choice between this or the SOS Band’s Weekend Girl but I went with this because of the priceless video. The acting, the dancing are all too good to not be put in this list. You can watch it here.

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