The Heatwave present Showtime

The Heatwave really pulled out all the stops on this one. A live bashment showcase with some of the biggest names around regardless of genre. With a list like this you tend to have a look and see how is going to be a weak link (not maliciously, but you just do, its human nature) and i say with no sense of hype that there are no Mc’s on that list who aren’t worth their place on that stage.

Come on when are you going to be able to see Wiley share the same stage as YT, Asher Senator and Glamma Kid? It’s not going to happen unless something big was going to pull them together on the same stage. You could probably make a film about how the Heatwave got them all together (a more uk version of that Dave Chappelle/ Michel Gondry flick).

All of those artist coming on stage and spitting over classic dancehall and bashment, even for the non dancehall fan that has to be enticing. If you dont believe me why don’t you check out Serocee and Rubi spitting over those sort of records on last week’s Heatwave show?

The potential combinations of songs is also enticing, Smiley Culture tribute by YT and Asher Sentor, Glamma KId and Lady Chann doing Informer, Lady Chann and Serocee doing their verses of Bad Like Jimmy Cliff VIP… it’s going to be crazy.

And all for the price of £12/£15, which is less than the price of entry to a central london club, less than half a ticket for a Wiz Khalifa or Wu Tang concert, less than the price of some future beardy convention music night thing. Basically it’s a great price for such a unique event. I do hope that you guys go because maybe if it’s sucessful it could be the start of something great. Maybe it would morph into a uk version of Rock the Bells.

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