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Kes x Wotless (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Dubbel Dutch wotless

What do you do on your birthday? Eat cake, drink lots, find a woman with a large arse? In the case of Dubbel Dutch you release an incredible remix of Wotless, i want to say that we first heard this when he played at the Big Chill bar ages ago but i may be wrong. Either way it’s great.

Kes the Band – Wotless (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by dubbel dutch

PS Samo Sound Boy writing about Dubbel Dutch is amazing and so on point.

Wotless Parody

Our great MC Trini Gladiata passed on this great Wotless Parody. It isnt as professional parodies and in fact its incredibly silly but it is sweet especially that bit at the end. It reminds me when i used to make mine own parody songs at school (sadly to crappy indie tunes).

Kes – Wotless

You ain’t lived till you sang along to this at 3 in the morning in the middle of shoreditch with drunk people wondering what the hell.