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Wildlife! x Roxy Reboot

Big week for releases! not only is Mixpak Pressure Volume 2 out today but also Wildlife!’s Rexy Reboot Lp is out. The Lp which features Ward 21, Serocee and Natalie Storm among others covering Punk covers of Reggae Classics whilst getting uk punk legend to reinterpret their fave reggae songs . Make sure you check out one of the most original releases of the year.

Wildlife! x Klouds

If you could assemble a team of producers to make a compilation inspired by dancehall riddims, this is the exact line up we would choose. For us this is the LP of the year, it fits our sweet spot so well. We don’t have to put the words forward thinking or any loose Kartel pun because this is us. Producers incorporating different sounds to create something familiar but brilliant as well. From HDD fam Murlo and So Shifty, to faves like Rizzla & blk.adonis, Poirier, Wildlife! TJ and Suku are great as well, they could have tossed off something that didn’t really fit but theirs are just as good. Cadenza is showing versatility that few UK producers can even match, and that is including the Veterans as well. An excellent job all round, a million forwards to everyone involved.
You can DL Wildlife!’s Kloud via Spin Magazine.

Wildlife & Toddla T x Hear Dat (Famous Eno Remix)

Famous Eno recently put up his remix of the Wildlife and Toddla T collaboration Hear Dat, that’s 3 of our fave artists working on one track. The result is great dub influences, the immortal dancehall HEY! and a small Serocee appearance.

via Mixpak

Wildlife! x Summer In Berlin mix


Wildlife! is back with a mix that he cooked up during his stay in Berlin in the summer. The tracklist is crazy and has some of our favourite jams of the past year including Gugu’s AC Riddim, Toddla T’s remix of SCB Wine and Wave and Trrbo and Cat People’s wistful remix of Gappy’s English Money.

So Shifty – Careless Mix / Wildlife! Mix

The So Shifty guys dropped a mix on monday which wasn’t exactly the most ideal days for us to actually listen to it. It’s 1005 dancehall so it will evoke memories of Nasty Love sound. You can grab the mix (weirdly no mixcloud link) over at Large Up.

Wildlife also dropped his new mix this week. Titled Berliner Sommer it covers some of the best bass music in the past year. It’s a frenetic hour long mix with some of his cheeky edits in there as well. You can check it out over here.

The Very Best – Super Mom remixes

We were recommended The Very Best mixtape when we went on our travels a couple of months ago. It is an interesting mixtape highlighting some of the best talent (not just African) around. We then heard that there is a remix lp in the works, the first two of those have dropped and they are really nice. Wildlife! and Wookie (garage legend but also makes great african infused house) remix the track Ndekha in their own distinct ways.

You can download the Wildlife! one here.
You can download the Wookie one here