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Vybz Kartel x Everyday is Christmas

Despite being behind bars Kartel had a stellar year musically and even managed to get this Christmas song out before the festive period. For obvious reasons Vybz Kartel does not feature in the video but Usain Bolt does and there’s a whole heap of vibes and great dance moves. Enjoy!

Tommy Lee X Goat Head (Bounty Killer Diss)

The Tommy Lee 2012 story continues, after burning up the charts this summer and having numerous Olympic athletes (big up Usain Bolt) throwing up the Gaza sign without knowing what they are doing it’s been a good summer for Tommy Lee. Although former Vybz Kartel manager Corey Todd has dismissed his talent by just saying that he has the machine behind him, Tommy Lee has built up his presence with a string of hits. And right on cue it’s time for someone to diss him, this time it’s Bounty Killer taking offence at Tommy Lee’s use of demonic imagery and lyrics. It’s enough of an issue that the Jamaican television show ER interviewed people on the street to ask them about it.

Here is what I will say about it, I showed the Psycho video to a friend of mine that isn’t into dancehall but is a keen music fan. He talked about how he liked the video in the sense that it subverted the status quo for not only dancehall but also black music in general.

Tommy Lee x Journey To The Top

Tommy Lee is dancehall’s fastest rising star, the Gaza affiliated star has really broken out over the past year to become one of the leaders in the scene. His symbol was all over the olympics as the likes of Bolt threw up the Gaza sign. D-Wrap catches up with Tommy Lee as he performs at Dream Weekend in Negril. Get to know him in this 5 minute documentary.

DJ Steve Porter x Faster Than Lightening (feat Usain Bolt)

After his success at the recent London 2012 Olympics and as an extremely skilled athlete and a true entertainer nobody can stop Usain Bolt. Last year we had Nobody Canna Cross it which was created from a news report, in the same vein this year we see DJ Steve Porter use some of Usain’s words to create Faster Than Lightening. The video is a really nice tribute to the world’s fastest man.