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Kida Kudz x Ibrere (Remix Feat. Esdee, YFS, Yemi Rush, Sona, Hakeem YFS)

Incredible UK Afropop from these guys. The new Moelogo is dissapointing in the sense that it took something visceral and turned it into some bland. This is raw and exciting and can’t wait to run this in the club.

Gappy Ranks x Gary Lineker

Gappy Ranks is back with another dancehall version of a Hip Hop song. He really is good at these and doesn’t get the credit he deserves, have you heard his version of Shot Caller? Or Man Down? The guy is good, this time he takes on Drake’s new anthem to making it in the music business. The best thing is that he named the track Gary Lineker, a run of the mill Sports Tv presenter and former England footballer. As a massive fan of sports and music this made me incredibly happy. It also allowed me to post a video of Gary Lineker realised that he had an accident on the field during World Cup 1990 and had to hide it.

Doubla J x Transform

Taken from last year’s Nectah EP, this track finally gets a video. Skip to 2.17 unless you are interested in an odd Dr Frankenstein horror movie intro for this power soca track. Needless to say the track is Murlo at his best and it makes you want to Jump Up in a circle. Looking forward to more Doubla J and Murlo collabs.

Jus Now X One Time

If there’s one  thing we love and appreciate here at HDD it’s when different sounds come together to create something truly unique; Sam Interface and Laza Beam have definitely achieved this with their latest project under the name Jus Now. For this project Sam Interface (from Bristol) and Laza Beam (from Trinidad) have been fusing their favourite sounds from T&T and the UK and have been working with the likes of Bunji Garlin and MX Prime for their upcoming One Time EP. The One Time video was shot on location in Port Of Spain Trinidad, and like their music is a clever composition of island life and the mysterious.

Trust us Jus Now are going to be ruling the fetes from here to Trinidad this soca season, they are even behind one of our favourite soca riddims of 2013 Marimba Riddim, and Bunji Garlin’s Savage. You can hear more from Jus Now on their soundcloud.

Walter Ego x Darkstorm x Who I Am (Feat. K. Dot and Coco

The fam at Bad Taste are about to release a monster. Sweet lord this is good. K Dot and Coco the UK’s best tandem (take that UK cyclists) destroy a monster of an instrumental by the Sheffield boys. Part grime, with bassline and lush tropical touches. Look out for it soon.

DJ Spooky x Playground Riddim 2012

DJ Spooky is no stranger to remixing dancehall riddims in his own unique way. From Joyride to Coolie Dance he has added his unique touch to them all. This month he has released a new remix to the immortal Playground riddim. It sounds like a Spooky remix but with additional trap snares in order to make it 2012 (no comment). This song has divided HDD HQ like the Montagues and the Capulets, let us know what you think.