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Showa Shins & Starboy Willz (Feat. Stormzy) x Jupa

Stormzy on Afropop! Stormzy on Afropop! Stormzy on Afropop! That’s about it, the song is pleasant, Starboy Willz doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Starboy Entertainment aka Wizkid’s label.The steel pans are a nice touch alongside the piano flourishes.

Frenchy Le Boss x Flexin’ (Feat Giggs)

Sounding awfully like a invasion beat this song is great. Giggs obliterates it and we were pleasantly surprised by Frenchy. Will definitely be keeping an eye on his work. ” Dressed like Batman NANANANANANAN”

Tee Da Supreme x Dance With Me (Feat. Shadz)

Often enough we tend to gravitate towards for western influenced afropop. It’s a thin line but more often than not its leabing toward modern day hip hop or house. This one is more of a throwback and is kind of interesting.

Myssa More x Wine Fi Me

It’s been a decent year for UK dancehall and reggae. Couple of hits on the charts but nothing really that piqued our interest. Until we found this slack cut on the Boombox riddim by Myssa More.

Kida Kudz x Ibrere (Remix Feat. Esdee, YFS, Yemi Rush, Sona, Hakeem YFS)

Incredible UK Afropop from these guys. The new Moelogo is dissapointing in the sense that it took something visceral and turned it into some bland. This is raw and exciting and can’t wait to run this in the club.

Gappy Ranks x Gary Lineker

Gappy Ranks is back with another dancehall version of a Hip Hop song. He really is good at these and doesn’t get the credit he deserves, have you heard his version of Shot Caller? Or Man Down? The guy is good, this time he takes on Drake’s new anthem to making it in the music business. The best thing is that he named the track Gary Lineker, a run of the mill Sports Tv presenter and former England footballer. As a massive fan of sports and music this made me incredibly happy. It also allowed me to post a video of Gary Lineker realised that he had an accident on the field during World Cup 1990 and had to hide it.