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Brick & Lace x Trouble (Taylor Swift Dancehall Cover)

The link between reggae and country has been covered many a time, the link between dancehall and pop covers has been covered by Style and Swagger. This song falls in the sweet spot for both of those, Nyanda from Brick & Lace (Love is Wicked remains a great pop song) covers Taylor Swift’s incredible pop song Trouble. The song is produced by Black Lion and we heard it first on Mixpak Radio. Also should mention that Alex Macpherson had tweeted about it earlier but i slept on it because i don’t listen to the radio enough to know that trouble is a good song.

Shal Marshall x Trouble

Mr Whole Day is back with his latest groovy soca anthem. This time the DJ ( or dancehall entertainer according to the overprotective father) laments the grief that his girl is causing him on top of the infectious slow burning soca ska riddim. The video itself does feature a moment where we here at HDD headquarters held our breath but that’s because our day to day laptops are on last legs.