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Trina x Lean on Me (Feat. T-Pain and Young Cash)

This in theory should be amazing. Instead it’s ok.

BobbyEffect x Naan (Freestyle)

I saw this on the excellent Female Rappers Tumblr and had to click on it. I’m in a heavy Trick Daddy phase right now and anyone covering his and Trina’s classic Naan gets some love. I was pleasantly surprised to find a really good song and video BobbyEffect can rap her ass off. As with the current trend of rappers it’s brash (i really want to know the story of the business man that she is rapping to in the first verse). You can dl her mixtape here.

HDD Top 5 On It

You all know the classic from The Luniz’s I Got Five On It but did you know that it’s been heavily sampled since it’s release back in 1995. The song itself is instantly recognisable due to it’s sample, Club Nouveau’s Why You Treat Me So Bad. Here are our Top 5 versions.

Puff Daddy and R Kelly – Satisfy You

P Diddy shows his sensitive side with Hook Master R Kelly on the chorus, this was vintage Puff Daddy Rap and Bullshit. How could you not love a video with Diddy and Kells balling in the desert.

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Spice World Premiere


Spice premiered her new video on tv on saturday night. It’s ok, sponsored by Appleton aka HDD’s favourite rum. I didn’t know that Wash Belly riddim was dedicated to the recently passed J.O.E. ┬áThe better video is her and Trina at Missy Elliott’s birthday remixing Get Your Freak on.