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Leftside x Monkey Biznizz

As massive fans of Leftside (Look out for something reiterating that later this week) we are always excited to hear his new stuff. The man’s versatility is incredible, he is vastly underrated and on this one he hops on his own trap inspired beat to destroy it with this catchy new track Moneky Biznizz. As our good friend La’Donna says expect kids to be pounding yams to this all summer.
PS: Leftside is on the low key song of the summer Jet Blue Jet.

DJ Spooky x Playground Riddim 2012

DJ Spooky is no stranger to remixing dancehall riddims in his own unique way. From Joyride to Coolie Dance he has added his unique touch to them all. This month he has released a new remix to the immortal Playground riddim. It sounds like a Spooky remix but with additional trap snares in order to make it 2012 (no comment). This song has divided HDD HQ like the Montagues and the Capulets, let us know what you think.

Tomb Crew x Hz On Their Tz

We love Tomb Crew here at HDD HQ but we were not sure what to expect when Jamie Tomb Crew introduced Hz on They Tz as trap on his Deja Vu Fm show a few weeks ago. We are not the biggest fans of the current wave of Trap music but this one surprised us, it’s a banger, and its available for free! It kinda sounds like if Baauer and Redlight had a musical baby.