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HDD Top 5 x Sports Videos

As London gets ready to host the world’s biggest sporting event we are getting into the Olympic spirit at HDD HQ. Here are our top 5 sporting videos covering athletics, gymnastics, boxing and table tennis.

Roots Manuva – Witness

Roots Manuva’s Witness is a tune that always gets a massive reaction at our events (and at pretty much every event its played at). The tune is a classic and so is the video, where we see Roots training to win at his primary school sports day.

Kanye West – Champion

Kanye in puppet form representing the US in the Unified games, this Steely Dan sampling track is taken from his Graduation album. Like many of Kanye’s videos at the time, it got released and taken down. It’s a shame because this is great.

The Fugees feat A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes & John Forte – Rumble in The Jungle

Taken from the soundtrack to When Were Kings – a documentary about the heavyweight championship between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman, Rumble in The Jungle features the Fugees and a heavyweight lineup of mcs. The video is an excellent juxtaposition of film clips and footage of the mcs in the ring.

Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank

Gymnastics is probably one of the only Olympic sports that I (Kazabon) take time out to watch. The video for Chemical Brothers Elektrobank features my favourite element of the gymnastic course – the floor routine. The precision and flair that gymnasts have in their routines never ceases to impress and this video captures all elements of the atmosphere, from the coaches, to the crowd, to the bitchy girls on the opposing team.

Air – Kelly Watch The Stars

French duo Air teamed up with Mike Mills, with whom they collaborated a further 3 times, for this table tennis inspired video. This is one event that UK people will be paying some attention to since the Mayor of London championed it as the British sport (apparently it was invented here and was called Wiff- Waff)

HDD Top 5 x Busy Signal

After this week’s trouble with the law, we thought it would be a good time to do a Top 5 x Busy Signal. Busy is such an incredible and versatile artist whether it’s reggae (as his recent VP LP showed), Soca or Dancehall that compiling this list might have been one of the hardest things we have ever done. From his break out hit Step Out in 2005 to his most recent cut on the massive Leftside riddim Bong Diggy bang he will always be one of our favourites. (If you are a Busy Signal fan you should check out this interview, one of his last, on the Shimmy Shimmy website.)

Tic Toc

This was our first real introduction to Busy Signal, from the moment those strings started we knew it was special. The way that he rode the beat is something special, it makes you wonder could he work over even the most grimey of hip hop beats.

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HDD Top 5 x Aaliyah

Our Gothic Aaliyah refix dropped yesterday, so we thought this would be a good time to run through our top 5 Aaliyah tunes. Aaliyah truly was one in million, she had the voice, the moves and the talent that a lot of artists have not managed to come close to. Her style was effortless, whether she was kickin it in some baggy jeans and simple vest or being sultry and sexy in fitted leather trousers and bikini top, she was the girl that the girls wanted to be and that guys wanted to be with. We have a lot of love for Aaliyah, here are our top 5 selections from the star who was taken too soon.

Back & Forth featuring R Kelly

Back & Forth is probably the first Aaliyah tune that we fell in love with, its a definite party tune that always gets us in the mood for the weekend. It was written by R Kelly (who Aaliyah was rumoured to be married to at the time) and the pied piper even raps a few bars between shooting hoops in the video.

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HDD Top 5 x Danny Brown

After the release of Bluberry this week we thought it would be a good time to do a Danny Brown Top 5. We have an immense love for the Detroit Mc ever since we read this amazing 2 part interview with music journalist Noz. In it he mentions that he was almost signed to G Unit, his dad was a house dj and that one of his favourite Mc’s is Dizzee Rascal. All that and his infectious unique voice meant that he was someone that we would love to listen to. Then we heard the tunes, his vivid imagery and unique sense of humour make him and amazing Mc. Whatever they end up calling this latest generation of hip hop they need to document Danny’s great contribution to it.

Danny Brown – Guitar Solo

There is something to be said about having great visuals in this decade and Danny Brown has plenty. The video for this story telling song is great, please look out for the guitar playing guy in the hospital. The song itself garnered props from Q-Tip online as well. This is the go to song that I play people when I tell them to listen to Danny Brown.

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HDD Top 5 x Ciara Collabs

This weeks Top 5 is all about this month’s HDD poster girl and seriously under-rated superstar Ciara. We play a lot of Ciara’s tunes at our monthly sessions and feel she shows her best side when collaborating with other artists, so in no particular order here are our favourites of the collabs she has worked on.

Ciara featuring Ludacris – Ride
This tune is so super smooth and Ciara oozes so much sex appeal in this video that MTV banned it in the US. We love it here at HDD HQ and think that the interaction between Ciara and Ludacris is always a winner.

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HDD Top 5 Jay Z & Beyonce Collabs

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought we would pay homage to our favourite couple. Here are our top 5 Jay Z and Beyonce collaborations.

Upgrade You

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