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Mixpak x Kling Klang Riddim Videos

We have been playing Kling Klang Riddim for a good few months now – our World Carnival #3 mix opened with Champion Bubbler and the riddim produced by Dre Skull was one of our top tunes of 2012 and the soundtrack to our World Carnival party video. The video for Popcaan’s cut So We Do It dropped two weeks ago and Tifa’s Champion Bubbler video dropped yesterday and boy were they worth waiting for! They were both directed by Andrew Capper on location in Jamaica and they are some of the best dancehall videos we have seen for some time – the Popcaan one is so good that Kazabon was worried about Popcaan’s safety! You can read more about Andy Capper’s work and his recent projects with Dre Skull in this interview by Suze Webb over on the Mixpak blog.

Tifa & Spice x Why Yuh Mad?

What some people have incorrectly called a diss video, against Lady Saw, its nearing December anything is being turned into confrontation in advance of Sting. Washroom’s Dog bite Riddim gets it’s first big video in this Tifa and Spice Collaboration. We hope that these guys do a few more collaborations because this one goes.

WTF: Swaggin

WTF is not another horrible yank pop dance group a la LMFAO (which apparently stands for Loving My Friends And Others), instead it’s a supergroup consisting of Future Fambo, Wayne Marshall and Tifa. All of them give us various reasons why they are Swaggin on this Washroom production. You might remember the riddim (actually called Swaggin) being the backdrop for Sean Paul’s Raving.

The video is pretty good and highlights the punchlines of each of the artists. Tifa does get a little “minaj” but the super mario drop near the end makes up for that. Who knew Wayne Marshall could do a slick Rick esque rap voice? The swagging tees look good as well.

Matrimoney Movie


The Matrimoney movie is definitely the best medley video this year (sorry Barmitzva riddim). The riddim is brought to you by Washroom Entertainmentand features cuts by Wayne Marshall, Future Fambo and Sean Paul, Lady Saw, and Tifa.

What makes this video stand out is the excellent execution of a very simple idea which reflects the riddim, and the interaction between the artists as they move through the different cuts on the riddim. We also love seeing the stars as older versions of themselves.


Matrimoney is available to buy now.