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Cee-Lo I Want You

We have been a fan of this song ever since Giles Peterson dropped it on his radio show last year. I’ve worn out the mp3 so much that i know Giles adlibs by heart. “Smile for Steve!” Even the Jools Holland version is lush, if not a tad Tony Bennet.
I am disappointed that this version has added bells and whistles that distract from the great vibe that this song has. I fully expect it to be a wedding day staple for the next 15 years.

P.s We are also fans of the new NBC singing competition the voice in which Cee-Lo is a judge. One of his fellow Judges tried to convince an singer that both he and Cee-lo wanted to work that if she chose to work with Cee-Lo he might show up one day dressed like Batman. In this video he’s gone full on Liberace, more power to him.