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Road Elf x Naah Lef

All around nice guy Terro 3000 reappears as Road Elf on this great new slackness jam produced by Ballaz production. Really happy to see Road Elf back, new style, her hair and a great new song. Looking forward to hearing more from him soon!

Terro 3000 x Hot Gyal Fi Broad Out

Rio De Jamaica Riddim is an underrated riddim by Ballaz Production that came out a few months back (we used the Busy Signal cut in our World Carnival #4 mix) now it’s time for Terro 3000 to shine on the riddim. The video for Hot Gyal Fi Broad Out dropped yesterday and its full of wicked wines and some nice styling – we love the shots of Terro against the wall of 45s. Depending on where you work this may not be safe viewing!

Terro 3000 x Imagine

Terro 3000 recently released the video for Imagine, which is the first tune to be released from his upcoming mixtape T3K Vol 1.0. On Imagine we hear Terro showing his softer side, speaking about wanting change and a peaceful Jamaica. As with a lot of Terro’s tunes Ballaz productions are on production duties, but Terro has been producing riddims of his own lately too. Watch out for his mixtape dropping soon!

Terro 3000 x Haters

Brand new Terro 3000 this time sending a shot to all his haters. Ballaz Production on them erm production side of things. Remember:

Bypass them like the toll road

Dl it here.

Voicemail feat Terro 3000 – Bottles and Cups

Another drinking song? I’m not complaining, Terro teams up with Voicemail for this laid back, drum heavy (is it me or does it remind you of J-Kwon’s Tipsy?) ode to booze. Terro gets him punchlines on and even manages to get a count along in the song. Remember as we enter into the Carnival season “It’s raining Alcohol”.

Ps I was going to mention how could a video about alcohol not include Future Fambo? Don’t worry he makes an appearance.

Terro 3000

We first heard of Terro when we heard the Flatlands riddim on the Federation Sound podcast. Of course he has been around for a while and has had hits before but there was something about his version that made us want to listen to more of his stuff. His latest single Rock Di Boat is out and we thought we would ask him some questions based on the lyrics of the track.

A lot of dancehall is based on dance moves, did you create this tune with that in mind. If so is there a certain move for this tune?

Well the song wasnt built with a specific move in mind. rock di boat is just a song for the ladies to have a good time to. ladies can just feel free to do what wanna do on this song. its just a fun song for you

“Slam dunk inna net just like muthumbo”
You mention Dikembe Muthumbo Who is your fabourite NBA player?

Well my favourite basket ball player of all time is the great jordan of the mighty chicago bulls. right now derrick rose also of the bulls caught my attention. da yute deh can play basket ball, him bad. Big up wade to

“African dance me a beat congo”
You mention African dance and congo drums, are you a fan of African music?

mi love african music! im a producer as well and i find the way they put thier percussion together very interesting. plus im jamaican and our traditional music is african based so i guess it inna mi blood to.

There have been other rock the boats in the past, which is your favourite:
Aaliyah’s rock the boat or Hues Corporation’s rock the boat?

I absolutely love Aaliyah! that is my girl so im gonna have to say aaliyah. i had the biggest crush on her back it high school LOL

“Ya a lead them a follow gyal you iconic”
Who do you think is iconic in the dancehall world?
Bounty killer and Beenie man. dem a di herat and soul of dancehall. thats jus my opinion lol

You can find out more on Terro 3000 in his interviews with Why Delila on Shimmy Shimmy website. Or on Snsbldnchl website.