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HDD Top 5 x Summer Anthems

Ahead of our collabo event with Yo Mama, this Saturday at Catch Bar, we thought it would be a good time to go through some of our favourite summer anthems.

Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff – Summertime

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. The OG is classic the remix is pretty good as well and the third version? Well it was pretty good.

R Kelly – Summer Bunnies

you can’t go wrong with a bit of Kells but when you add some Spinners (the band not the wheel accesories) you get something special. Extra points for having Robert playing basketball and the Rumpshaker-esque clothes that the women are sporting. Also #leatherinthesummer

Shaggy – In The Summertime

A lot of our childhood was spent singing along to Shaggy’s summer anthems, the man has the magic touch but we went with the Mungo Jerry sampling song. You may have also noticed a theme about our choices.

Vybz Kartel – Summertime

Even though it reminds me of Grease and Hi Di Hi the reaction that people have when Kartel croons off key “Pool Party” then the drums drop and next thing you know we are off with one of the biggest dancehall songs of last year.

Carl Thomas – Summer Rain

Carl Thomas is not English, if he was this sexy and sultry song would have been dirge. Instead we get a great R and B track that is one of the most slept on tracks of all time. Some days go by and i have played this on repeat for 2 hours straight.

Mick Boogie & Dj Jazzy Jeff: Summertime 2

The guys are back for their second instalment of their summertime mix series. I really don’t think i have to add anymore but i will, the way the guys manage to incorporate the samples without getting cheesy is great but the selection is even better.

PS We ( Kazabon and I) argue whether or not Summertime is played out. She says that it is, the fault she feels lays with music tv channels and lazy dj’s. I didn’t grow up with sky so i don’t share that view and (whisper it quietly) i love the remix even more. This non music tv channel childhood vs music channel growing up is intriguing and something we will be exploring in another post.