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Spoek Mathambo x Future Sounds of Mzansi

It’s important that you have the right people tell the story because often nuance can leave certain things out. This trailer for South African dance music is fantastic and we can’t wait to watch it. The final documentary will include Black Coffee, Mujava and more. Massive props to Spoek and the team for putting this together.

HDD x Jumping Back Slash

HDD Jumping Back Slash Interview

Whilst we were compiling our World Carnival 2 mix we fell in love with Jumping Back Slash‘s productions. The Pollinate records, SA based Artist makes some of the best and varied tropical music around. We caught up with him and decided to ask him about his work, South African music and what else is in the pipeline.

Who are you?

I am Jumping Back Slash. I am originally from the UK but I live in Cape Town. I have lived here for nearly five years. I make tunes and release them on Pollinate Records in the UK

Right now it’s hard to pin down what you make, so how would you describe your current productions?

God knows. Right now I’m flicking between making 128bpm deep house and then 160bpm kasie kwaito sghubu. I’ve always described my tunes as afrotronical space music which is probably a bit bollocks but I can’t think of anything better.

Does living in South Africa affect the music you make?

Living in South Africa is the biggest influence of all. My early tunes owed a massive debt to golden age Kwaito, that 90s sound, Trompies, Chiskop, Arthur etc. Since I’ve settled here my tunes have spread out a bit from deep trippy tribal stuff and hyper-fast Shangaan style stuff. All of it comes from being here and breathing the air. I’d like to think my tunes are a dialogue with my surroundings and the cultures here. Fuck knows what I’m saying though.

Who else apart from Spoek Mathambo should we be checking out from South Africa?

BIG FKN GUN, BLK JKS, DJ Call Me, DJ Pacco, DJ Big Space, Dirty Paraffin and loads more

5) What projects do you have coming out soon?

The recent 160bpm stuff should hitting a vinyl in the next few months. I’ve also been working with DJ Big Space on a House collab which has been a lot of fun. I’m sat on a lot of tunes at the moment so I’m also shopping a few things about and seeing who bites.

Spoek Mathambo x Put Some Red On It

Brand new Spoek Mathambo! Brand new Spoek Mathambo! Brand new Spoek Mathambo! Brand new Spoek Mathambo! – That’s the sound of one of my internal alarms. I could wax lyrical about how great he is, how he deserves the Mobo, how he’s a musical inspiration for the african diaspora. Or that he has worked with almost all of your favourite producers around, is 1 of the most knowledgeable people on music in the world, or that his tim and barry performance is better than the majority of the series. I could but instead that ep cover art is the best of the year.

Gnucci Banana – Famalam Jam

The video for the summer fam bbq dropped and it’s lovely. Featuring an array of great kicks (always a bonus in our books) Gnucci and Spoek strut and dance their way through the streets. Make sure you get familiar.

Wildlife Scores

It’s not just Gnucci, Spoek and SCB (Schlachthofbronx) that were on US Tv this year, Wildlife had his track that he produced with Tricky for Terry Lynn on Nikita. CWD swears that this show is good, i haven’t given it a chance but if since it has a great soundtrack it’s worth a shot then.
You can check out the clip above.
(Hat tip: Seen)

Gnucci’s Big Week

It’s been a big week for Gnucci Banana, not only does this week mark the release of her and mash up international cover/bettering of Miike Snow’s Animal, but also the SCB (my new nickname for Mad Decent’s Schlachthofbronx), Spoek’s and Gnucci’s track Ayoba was featured in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.
So big up her and the crew on this wicked achievement!
You can also check out her new tune with Al Azif and Crossfire above.