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Spice x Sight & Wine

Visuals from Spice never fail to entertain and the video for Sight & Wine sees her and Team Spice doing what they do best! Spice as a fire fighter is almost as good as Spice as a pirate!

Spice x Needle Eye

If you have been following Spice on social media you will probably have seen that she has been working on the Needle Eye video for a while now. It has finally dropped and Spice is doing her best dancehall queen impression, Marcia would be proud!

Dre Skull x Blacklight Riddim

Whenever we hear that Dre Skull is releasing a dancehall riddim we know we are in for a treat, Smoke Machine, Kling Klang, Loudspeaker are all staples in our sets and Blacklight Riddim was another favourite from the minute we heard it. Dre Skull also has a skill of picking the perfect artists for his riddims, with four cuts from Konshens, QQ, Spice and Tifa all giving it their best, there’s no need for any more.

Check out Dre Skull chatting to the Fader about the riddim here and go buy it here.

Spice x Come Inside

Not sure while this was purported to be new on Jamaican Tv show On Stage when it came out in August. Either way Spice delivers interesting visuals and this song ain’t bad. Please it says that this video was filmed by Scorndem Productions which is an awesome fact.

Spice x Pon Top

One of the best cuts on Popstyle riddim (which came out in February) gets a video. Spice’s Pon Top is what you expect from Spice, a great pro female anthem. It would be remiss to mention that this is probably the fourth video she has filmed in what I assume is her own home.

Spice x Twerk

One of the highlights of the year has been Spice, whether it’s the fact that she is on soundcloud or her great Noisey interview (the only one worth watching). Another thing she has done has start her own twerk team with the idea of promoting this single. The video rising to the occasion and is full of people dancing in bright spandex and a marching band twerking. It’s in the running for the most original dancehall video of the year.