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The homie (been using that word a lot recently, is it time to bring it back) uploaded the video version of his Dattebayo mix series. It’s amazing, please look out for a collab between us and him soon. In the meantime watch this hour long mix with some of the best tunes around including Go Go Wine and Racks.

Lil Scrappy – Look At Me (Captain Kadillac Remix)

So many great things about this remix and the og.
1) Mixpak drop at the beginning
2) Lil Scrappy snaps on this track., a reminder of why he was one of hip hop’s most valuable commodities at one point.
3) This Juke edit is crazy good, piano stabs only make this more blissful.

Lil Scrappy – Look at me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) by Kaptain Cadillac