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Kes The Band x Endless Summer

Taken from the excellent Ricky Blaze Uptown Julie riddim (seriously is great), the incredible slice of pop goodness gets a video by the great Jonathan Mannion. Seriously this is the man who although known for his hip hop portraits uses his love and passion for Trinidad Carnival to create something special. Don’t believe me? Check out what he did for Trinidad James.

Back to this one, its not my fave off the riddim but Kes nails all the “i’m a pop star” bits so well. The addition of a New York roof top with Jillionaire (in his words) fake djing, carnival dancers and New York looking great make a great video.

Murlo HDD Mix

Just in time for our October Session, new resident Murlo did a mix featuring not only his usual dancehall and soca styling but also his favourite african bits as well. So you have Kes the Band alongside Shisha Boy or Aidonia alongside our poster star Terry G as well as his Mr Vegas remix. Don’t forget that on October the 1st you can some African spice at HDD at the Camp. It’s Nigerian independence day so we will be adding a hint of Victoria Island nightlife in the Old Street venue. We will be bringing the best in hip hop, dancehall and tropical on the night as well.

The event page is here
You can download Murlo’s mix here