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Sneakbo x Trust No Body

It’s been a while since we have posted a Sneakbo tune. He’s been navigating the pop charts with songs that haven’t really interested us. This new one by him caught out attention since it’s produced by dancehall producer Rvssian. The man the brought us Straight Jeans and Fitted has teamed up with Sneakbo who made his name adding verses to bashment classics. I guess this is an example of cutting out the middle man. This song adds to the current paranoia trend that we are seeing in hip hop and to a certain extent popular culture.

Stylo G x Call Me a Naija ( Feat. Sneakbo)

As we said when this song first premièred the day before Nigerian independence day, the biggest name in Uk hip hop and Uk dancehall team up for this remix of Call Me a Yardie. This video, like the remix is nice mix of Naija and Yardie influences with overall UK flavour.

Stylo G x Sneakbo – Call me a Naija

For me (Hootie Who) this might be the greatest song ever…. take the one of the best dancehall songs of the year (not just the UK) and add the hottest rapper (Sneakbo) in the UK at the moment and turn a Yardie into Naija = pure excitement. With Nigerian independence day on October 1 (same date as our next HDD event at The Camp) this song is definitely going to be a hit in the clubs.