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HDD x Live at Hotmilk

Taken from the Gyalentines day special at Manchester’s Roadhouse (RIP, it was one of our favourite venues in the UK). This is a live recording of our set at legendary Hot Milk. Fox and Kwesi Asante join us as well for what turned out to be a slackness special.

Kalado x Take A Ride

Kalado is great, this summer he is poised to take over. The current king of Slackness has 2 great producers on his side, Dre Day and Cashflow. The latter provide the riddim for this lighter side of slack new jawn.

Road Elf x Naah Lef

All around nice guy Terro 3000 reappears as Road Elf on this great new slackness jam produced by Ballaz production. Really happy to see Road Elf back, new style, her hair and a great new song. Looking forward to hearing more from him soon!

Aidonia x Pon Di Pole

Aidonia releases a song about the gentrification of Kingston. Kidding it’s Aidonia doing what Aidonia does best slackness in his amazing gruff style.