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Gnucci x A.Rab

New music and a banging video from Gnucci in the form of her new single A.Rab, it’s even got Rizzla and Jubilee on the remix…..what more could you ask for?!

Rizzla + Blk. Adonis x BattyJack

The song that has tore up our raves for the past couple of months get it’s own video. The thing that i love about this song (not including the fact that it’s a Lisa Hype vocal on Go Go Club riddim) is that it ignites feelings of summers past with UK folk but may not mean to same to others. So not only is this song great but it ignites nostalgia in a completely different way that the legends sets that litter the clubs and festivals of England. Either way it’s banging and you should grab it here from their free EP.
You can find more from Rizzla here.
And more from Blk. Adonis here.

Wildlife! x Klouds

If you could assemble a team of producers to make a compilation inspired by dancehall riddims, this is the exact line up we would choose. For us this is the LP of the year, it fits our sweet spot so well. We don’t have to put the words forward thinking or any loose Kartel pun because this is us. Producers incorporating different sounds to create something familiar but brilliant as well. From HDD fam Murlo and So Shifty, to faves like Rizzla & blk.adonis, Poirier, Wildlife! TJ and Suku are great as well, they could have tossed off something that didn’t really fit but theirs are just as good. Cadenza is showing versatility that few UK producers can even match, and that is including the Veterans as well. An excellent job all round, a million forwards to everyone involved.
You can DL Wildlife!’s Kloud via Spin Magazine.

Rizzla x Full Service Radio

We don’t tend to post mixes outside the HDD fam on the site (no shots, we have other avenues to do so). I wanted to post this because of the great interview at the end. It’s always interesting to know how producers are influenced and Rizzla’s influences make sense to the music that he creates. He also talks about his plans for the year (The Lisa Hype EP is something we are excited for), SWSW and the New York clubbing scene. Sit back and enjoy.