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La Materialista x Taka Taka (Feat. N-fasis)

One of Hootie Who’s fave songs of the year gets a video. As with other La Materilista’s video’s this is slightly NSFW. Rompiendo Records on a winning streak.

Boogat – Esa Mujer

The latest release from Poirier’s Also Records see Boogat ride over one of the most recognisable samples in dancehall, the intro breakdown fro Dawn Penn’s No No No. Combine that with some reggaeton and some dutty low bass it’s another hit from this fledgling record label. If you haven’t checked out Boogat and Poirier wowing the crowd at sonar earlier this month, please do as it is fantastic. You can buy the single over here.

Ps You should check out the Mixpak round up of Go Go Wine remixes. Not only is there the Joe Grime one but also Makala’s rather excellent version.