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Alkaline x Ride on Me (Remix Feat. Sean Kingston)

One of the rudest songs of the year gets a video for it’s remix. Who would have thought we would be posting Sean Kingston songs but we are. His verse is sweet and balances out alkaline’s directness and finds a nice balance.

Beenie Man x Party Vibes Nice

We don’t know what happened but dancehall videos somehow got it together this year. A culture with full interesting visuals got caught up in the hip hop bullish and not really in the same vein. Thsi is so on point it makes up for an ok song. That shot of Beenie Man and Bounty is nice though.

Vybz Kartel x Stop Follow Me Up

It’s amazing watching these post jail Kartel videos. Some have lookalikes, some try and tell a completely different story. This 1 decides to get other people to spit his lyrics. It’s actually quite engaging for a classic Kartel Shit talking song.

Devin Di Dakta x Rrri Bam Bi Deng Deng

So we tend to watch a lot of Jamaican rave videos, its our way to relax. Over the past few months towards the brukking it down section they always played this track. Sadly it’s pitched up by +10 and its almost like Alvin and the Chipmunks on dancehall. By the time we figured out what it is the video dropped.

Justus x Weed My Way

Justus, aka producer of one of our favourite riddims Overproof, has decided to release this cover of Fetty Wap’s My Way. Tbh we are happy to hear a dancehall version of the song, we thought Trap Queen would have had one by now.

Voicemail x I Wanna Dance

The cross pollination between Dancehall and Afropop is great, it’s always felt more one genre pollinating with the other. Afropop stars taking the patter, style and more from the Carribbean. Then dancehall artists started hopping or interpolating Afropop hits. Now there’s this which is pure Afrobeats with a sprinkling of dancehall. Not that this is a problem just noticing it.