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Busy Signal x Pum Pump Jump

So after afropop Busy is now on something that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Neptunes set. Busy is just knocking these out of the park at the moment. Love the Lady Saw shout out in it as well.

Road Elf x Head Top/ Tribal Touch

Road Elf is back with a video for his latest single Tribal Touch, which is really good. We are big fans of his and can’t wait for the world to catch on some more. Shout out to him and the whole Ballaz fam.

Hipsters Don’t Dance x July

We are back at The Shacklewell Arms this Saturday July 5th. You can find us in the back room recreating the feeling of Carnival in the middle of Dalston. On the night we will have residents Murlo alongside HDD head honchos and party starters Kazabon & Hootie Who.

It’s been a 2 months since the last session so we are incredibly excited to be back. We are on the road to carnival, you don’t want to miss out! Fete hard or go home!!! More info here.

QQ x Tweety Bird

Rvssian continues his assault on the charts with this new island pop cut with QQ. The video is pretty NSFW and once again unnecessarily so. Then again the first comment is “not enough Colombian Chicks” so what do i know.

Mr Vegas x Who Rule (Feat. Latty J)

Mr Vegas continues his throwback vibe with this collab with Latty J. Both of them riding Twice My Age riddim and going back and forth. It’s pretty good battle of the sexes vibe.