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Alkaline x Murda

OOOF guess who is getting upset at everyone taking shots at him. Alkaline goes in over this UIM riddim. We are looking forward to hearing more of the cuts on this riddim.

Kalado x Living The Life

New Kalado, things seem to be slowing down for him at the moment. His mixtape was so good this is to be expected. I get Party Shot part 3 vibes here. TBF to him he just had to go on Tv and refute claims he got bottled whilst performing in Africa.

Beenie Man X Million Gal

All Hail King Beenie, taken from the excellent High Life Riddim by Justus (who was out of the game with a Brain injury).

Busy Signal x 24 Hours

Guess who is back? Busy going over Mustard’s beat for Teeflii (who really has next, but before Eric Bellinger). Is there anyone more capable at anything than Busy. Maybe its been a complete lack of actual hits on his own but these covers really cement him in any DJ’s crate. Low the secret cheating bizniss.

Busy Signal x Pum Pump Jump

So after afropop Busy is now on something that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Neptunes set. Busy is just knocking these out of the park at the moment. Love the Lady Saw shout out in it as well.

Road Elf x Head Top/ Tribal Touch

Road Elf is back with a video for his latest single Tribal Touch, which is really good. We are big fans of his and can’t wait for the world to catch on some more. Shout out to him and the whole Ballaz fam.