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TeeFLii x Change Your World

Probably our fave male R and b singer at the moment steps away from the Mustard template for something more traditional. Still great.

Liane V x Watchu U Gon Do (Feat. Problem & Mucho Deniro)

More West Coast/ Bay Area slap and b. This time newcomer Liane V with Problem and produced by Red Vision and Midi Mafia.

Mila J x My Main (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Mila teams up with Ty and Mustard for another hit single. We have been joking that Mila is the turn up version of Jhene Aiko. We know that they are sisters but it’s funnier to think of it as a Jekyll and Hyde situation. This video is without a doubt the turn up version of Coyote Ugly though!

Lumidee x Mars (Feat. Bodega Bamz)

Keeping up with Lumidee’s career recently has been fun because unlike others she really is experimenting with genres to find that next hit. She tried dancehall with her cut on the excellent trap sounding Spook Riddim and even got other notable NY up and comer Chinx Drugz on her last single. Here she got Bodega Bamz (currently on a great upswing) and the beat from grinding on this Rap and Bull hit.

Teeflii x 24 Hours (Feat. 2 Chainz)

Teeflii aka Mustard’s R and B star gets his first major look with the video to his club single 24 Hours. Pretty happy for him, we are fans of his output including his all Mustard mix tapes and his last single appearances should have gone further. 2 Chainz fluidity allows him to pop up on all the buzzing singles. It’s an amazing feat.

Elephant Man x Jamaica How We Do It

So Elephant Man did a version of This is How We Do It produced by Di Genius. Nuff Said. (above is Elephant Man’s version of cribs)