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Bunji Garlin x Differentology

So Good! This is everything i wanted and more, the song for the summer gets the video it deserves. Will this catch on? I hope so, we here at HDD are READY FOR DI ROAD!

Skepta X Lay Her Down (Feat. Kano)

Now this is something that we didn’t expect, taken from Skepta’s last mixtape Black listed (although has been retooled for his upcoming LP Konnichiwa). This is a mix of Sexual Seduction, Disclosure and Duke Dumont, it’s wicked. Kano’s verse is great, Skepta seems like his is having fun, it’s just good to see. We have been on a Skepta kick recently, partly due to his Nigerian roots, partly because the UK is sometimes missing a voice and his is fitting perfectly right now.
Speaking of Grime guys looking happy here is Dizzee talking about how he is comfortable in his own skin finally.

Sarkodie x Gunshot (Feat. Davido)

The far and away leader for song of the Christmas gets it’s big budget video. Ghana and Nigeria on one track, expect it to be played on 1xtra a lot.

Jesse Jagz x Murder Dem

As you can tell it’s Christmas season soon, so that means 3 things

1) We are throwing a xmas themed bash on the 15th

2) Expect a lot of new Christmas themed songs on the blog

3) Mince Pies are the enemy of the upcoming Soca season.

The first up is Jesse Jagz new song Murder Dem. As you can tell from the title Jagz has gone for a patois accent for his chorus. Add in a splash of poor Drake #hashtag punchlines and you get the idea. The reason why we are posting this track is because he used Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee as his sample source. Is there an odder sample source this year?
Also we decided to put the video of him performing on Nigerian Idol since it’s a internet fave.

Omo Akin x Borrow Borrow Make Me Shine

Right now the blogsphere is going nuts over the Macklemore Thrift Shop song, its a good song but here’s how us Nigerians do it. For a flossy country we don’t have issues over helping someone else with their come up. This video demonstrates that, the song is fun and even features the Fela Kuti refrain Shakara. Bearing in mind that a lot of this current generation balls like crazy on the 1st weekend of the month and then eats indomie until the end of the month, this song could have some legs since it hits home.