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Timaya x Gbagam (Feat. Phyno & Deettii)

Clarence Peters could make your wedding look like it was the new Mad Max.

Phyno x Nme Nme

Our fave indigenous Naija rapper is back with a big budget video for his track Nme Nme. The way they built him up as the go to guy has been very impressive.

Wizkid x Bombay (Feat. Phyno)

Wizkid needs to decide whether he is just going to drop singles for the rest of his life or actually make an album at some point. Don’t get me wrong this is catchy (he has that talent) but its kind of repetitive. Luckily Phyno is on hand to actually make this track stand out from the others. The kicker is that this is a censored video to boot,why bother making it if its going to be censored especially since you know the strict rules applied to African music channels.

Phyno x Parcel (A Big Nwa)

First of all Phyno’s videos are the best out at the moment. What yo end up losing by him speaking in his native tongue is more than made up with his visuals. The other thing thats important for him is that very instrumental i’ve heard him on is part hip hop part racing dance music, creating an interesting soundscape that is his own. I spent most of this morning going through artists that are trying to sound like 2013 50 cent. Even 50 Cent doesn’t want to sound like 2013 50 Cent, it’s quite depressing. I guess another thing i like about Phyno, he looks like a naija version of Taz Arnold. Differentiating yourself is going to be pivotal as the outside world starts looking at these artists.

Phyno x Man Of The Year

It may be time to stop complaining about how much Hype Williams fell off and say how good Clarence Peters is. This song is instantly elevated when you see the video. It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t have a ton of money. Three key spots in this video that are executed perfectly.