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#HDD Hangover 6 : Murlo

We at HDD have a phrase for those suffering after a night out at Hipsters Dont Dance it’s called a #hddhangover. So as a thank you to our amazing crowd we have decided to create a mix series to ease you back into the real world. The sixth mix in the series is a smooth and sexy, one by HDD resident Murlo – some might even say its a panty dropper. One thing’s for sure it’s better than Alkaseltzer!

Here are a few words from him:

When I’m hungover I tend to listen to a lot of r’n’b, anything with a good hook and good vocals (usually Usher). I couldn’t bring myself to do an all Usher mix so it’s turned out as Usher and friends. Also just because you’re hungover you’re still in bed, so I’ve kept it relatively panty dropping. Enjoy.

Download the mix here