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HDD Top 5 X Mixtapes of The Year

You won’t find the same old Fact Mag/Resident Advisor mixes in this list. To be honest it’s not really a list just a bunch of recommendations of some Mixes and Mixtapes that Hootie Who has been listening to over the past year.

Gucci Mane x Trap Back
When you think of hip hop in 2012 you may think of breakout star Mike Will Made It, the producer got so big that he produced the latest Rihanna single. Bearing in mind her Lp’s are constructed in some weird boot camp laboratory with the best of the best this has to be an honour. Anyway back to the tape Gucci Mane has never really struck on with me but i did run this tape back many man times. This didnt get as much love as it should have but collabs with Future, 2 Chainz (just before he became a tad oversaturated)and his protege Flocka. The highlight is Get It Back a collab with 2 Chainz and an amazing flip of the Tetris theme by Mike Will. (Shoutout CWD for putting me on to this, go cop his new tee as well)

Famous Eno x Mixpak FM
This to me was the most genius mix of the year, he had been talking about it for a while and he executed it perfectly. The mix is basically you listening to the radio that switches station and genres with really entertaining sound clips throughout. The genres span Disoc, Dancehall, House and many more. It isn’t skitzo it’s all measured and fit in perfectly with the single All Good FM (one of our fave videos of the year).

Jeremih x Late Nights
A lot of end of year lists will have Miguel in them, deservedly so. He kicked the year off with a series of free EP’s that helped build buzz into the latest LP (hold tight the shortened version of Adorn). Another person who i expect to make a big jump in 2013 is Jeremih, no longer template r and b singer for any Hip Hop artist looking to appeal to their female fan base. Jeremih’s mixtape showed that not only did he have a great ear for beats, repped Chicago a lot (this off cut of the mixtape is one of the songs of the year) and showed more diversity in subject matter. 773 produced by Mike Will Made It is 1b R and B song of the year. I have listened to this so much that i know all the ablibs (DJ Drama was on top of his game here), the skits and even the one part where a song is pulled back (for a Gucci Mane verse)

Glover Junior x Long Clothing Mix
We kicked of the year with a ballroom/Jersey club boom in this country sparked by the Zebra Katz song . Since then we have gone on to see more Jersey club producer get their deserved shine. That’s not to say that Glover Junior is Jersey but his style of mixing reminds me of that. This New Yorker is great and this mix was something that really got me throwing impromptu dance parties on buses. Don’t forget to check out his own stuff as well.

Trackstar The DJ x Out Of The Darkness
When on holiday you often take music with you that you normally don’t have a chance to fully digest. The thinking being that you can when you are away. This rarely works, in May i took a mixtape with me to New York that i had on repeat. Out of the Darkness is a mix comprised completely of Organized Noize songs. Usually when you hear that you are thinking great just the hits and it will send you back to a specific time that producer was really hot. This spans almost 17 years of the crews songs from TLC to Ludcaris to Society of Soul. It has it all, the fact that it is narrated by one of the best voices of all time Big Rube is a massive bonus.

Top 3 Beat Tapes of the Year

It’s December and it’s time to start throwing out lists; we will have our post xmas Top 20Tunes of the year list as usual, but for now we will focus on a couple of parts of the musical world which no one will pick up on. In this case I’d like to highlight 3 beat tapes that I (Hootie Who) have really enjoyed, put in mixes and that occasionally made it into sets.

1) Chase N Chase : Verde

The NO rapper released this beat tape and an LP this year. He also made one of the instrumentals this year for the Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar collaboration We Ball. Verde is a collection of stuff that you would vibe out to, similar to Beastin above. DL here

2) DJ Dahi : Toys 2.0

Producer of one of my songs of the year My Type of Party he then topped the year off by having one of his instrumentals on the biggest LP of the year; Money Trees on Kendrick Lamar’s MAAD city – it might be the end of the night sneaky singalong classic for years to come. You can dl Dj Dahi’s Toys 2.0 here.

3) DJ Burn One : Where There’s Smoke

Easily one of my fave producers over the past few years, his incredible instrumentals remind me of Organized Noize (easily in my top 3 producers of all time). Highlights on here are the A$AP Rocky songs from his mixtape which in my opinion gave Rocky the best template to be him (unlike the LP). This is music that you can Burn One too, DL here.

Beyonce – Party (The Slick Rick Connection)

So the LP sprung a leak and the new Beyonce LP is out there in the world. On first listen i fell in love with it, it’s fun, mature sounding LP from an artist that really is at the top of her game. Mature Prince type ballads – check. Great wedding/ block party songs – check. Noisy hip hop Swizz Beats style craziness – check. Overall the writing on this lp beat anything else that has been released this year.
With that being said a lot of the singles that were released kind of left me feeling a bit meh. I was so used to hearing Beyonce 1st single smashes such as Crazy in Love, Deja Vu, Single Ladies. These new singles weren’t going for the pop market as much, instead after the miscalculation of Run The World ( a song whose beat is approaching it’s 3 year anniversary), we got a ballads (amazing one written by the dream) and a mid-tempo block party song produced by Kanye West called Party. The last time they teamed up Kanye convinced her to say the N-word which to be honest i really didnt think worked for Beyonce, that track ended up being a bonus cut on the Kanye LP.

This one sees Andre 3000 doing a guest verse and slaying it, it wasnt till the 7th listen that i noticed that there were Slick Rick samples in the track. Not only have Andre 3000 and Slick Rick worked together but also the subject matter reminded me of Slick Rick’s Mona Lisa.

Both songs touch on young love Beyonce’s opening line “I may be young but I’m ready” and Slick Rick’s line from the Mona Lisa character’s perspective

She said, “Well I got courage, and I don’t like porridge (uh-huh)
I’ve never been to college, but I’ve got crazy knowledge (uh-huh)
Over eighteen and my eyes are green (uh-huh)
I wear more gold than that man on A-Team (uh-huh, uh-huh)

The LP as a whole has me very excited for her performance at Glastonbury, i really think that this is where she kicks it up a gear and enters the pantheon of greats such as Tina Turner, Diana Ross and others.