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Spooky x Coolie Joyride Remixes

It’s always great to see a producer take a classic and make it his own (especially when done right). Spooky did that with the OG, now we get to see 4 new producers take on his remix and make something different. Samename (those carnival whistles), Murlo, Sir Pixalot and Trends all provide remixes for the 6th release on Oil Gang records. Expect this one to come out in August, on vinyl only. Above is our favourite cut on the original riddim

Physically Fit For Paddy’s Day

The lovely Why Delila is running her second Physically Fit night at The Big Chill Bar this coming Thursday. The night celebrates the best in bashment, dancehall and soca, and Gabriel Heatwave, Sub Fm’s Oil Gang and Wifey’s S Shaw will be bringing pure fire on the night. If that’s not enough to entice you, you should check out mixes by Gabriel Heatwave and S Shaw to get you warmed up for Thursday night

Thursday is also St Patrick’s day – a day where Irish people (and Plastic Paddys) all over the world remember Ireland’s patron saint by drinking themselves silly. Traditionally of course this was not always the case, I spent many a year attending town parades and ceilis celebrating Irish culture, which is a bit of fun once a year, but this year I am glad that I can combine Paddy’s day with my love of dancehall.

To help to you get in the mood for Paddy’s day and Physically Fit, here are my top 5 dancehall (and soca) drinking songs.


Beenie Man & Future Fambo – Get Drunk
Appleton is the drink of choice here for Beenie and Fambo, and we at HDD are also fond of some Appleton and ginger beer!

Beenie Man, Future Fambo & Busta Rhymes – Rum & Red Bull Remix
Beenie and Fambo are opting for Rum and Red bull this time, not sure if its the best choice if you want to avoid hangover the next day, but they seem to stick by it!

Gappy Ranks – Cup Full
Take Gappy’s advice and keep your cup full.

Dr Ring Ding – Polish Vodka
It’s not all about rum, as Dr ring Ding points out, if you are a vodka lover listen up.

Olatunji – Designated Driver
Remember to have a designated driver if you intend drinking as much as Future Fambo!

Words by Kazabon