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Lnyxx x Fine Lady (Feat. Wizkid)

This video almost got posted just by the fact that Lnyxx is watching Robbie Keane of Ireland applaud his fans (it would be a an incredibly odd moment combining mine and Kazabon’s heritage). We posted it because it’s a great song man of the moment Wizkid on the hook and up and comer Lynxx on the verses. I always appreciated the fact that Nigerians insist on calling pretty ladies fine in that particular way. Not too objective but with a hint of humour. Also for a Afrobeats song there is a hint of actual afrobeat which is enough to send lazy music people crazy. This video makes me want to go and gatecrash the nearest Nigerian wedding.

Omo Akin x Borrow Borrow Make Me Shine

Right now the blogsphere is going nuts over the Macklemore Thrift Shop song, its a good song but here’s how us Nigerians do it. For a flossy country we don’t have issues over helping someone else with their come up. This video demonstrates that, the song is fun and even features the Fela Kuti refrain Shakara. Bearing in mind that a lot of this current generation balls like crazy on the 1st weekend of the month and then eats indomie until the end of the month, this song could have some legs since it hits home.

Iyanya x Ur Waist (Feat. Emmy Nyra)

Where to start with this 1? The amazing artist name of Emmy Nyra (Naira being Nigerian currency)? The similarity to Khia’s My Neck My Back on the chorus? The soft, unassuming and captivating beat? The nonsensical lyrics of the verses? (i understood more Terry G lyrics). Either way you will wind your waist like a ….. something

Burna Boy x Like To Party

I like this guy, i don’t know why. The song isn’t amazing but it has his own vibe. I like the fact that he looks like Shabba, Mad Cobra and Notorious Big at the same damn time (word to Future). To be honest it’s nice to have a nice downtempo song in Afro-pop, there hasn’t been a lot of that lately. It’s definitely a progression but familiar as well (word to future again). He’s from Port Harcourt as well which is a bonus in my book. The similarity to this helps as well.

May D x Ile Ijo

Mr May D is back with his own single for the summer, the video features dancers, angry birds sweatshirts and various explosions of colour. After guest appearing on the P-Square and Akon Chop My Money Remix and making his own name with the Ben E King sampling Soundtrack this could be the single to propel him into stardom.