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Wizzypro x Emergency (Feat. Runtown, Skales, Patoranking)

We missed this one when it first came out, but producer Wizzypro pulls together a good group of singers on this song. The highlight is Patoranking who nails it. This might be my favourite verse of the year. You do have to get through some sub Wale type stuff before. If you haven’t heard Alubarika yet i suggest you do.

Flavour x Sweetie

Flavour is probably the King of indigenous pop (or Highlife) in West Africa, he is also 1 of Kazabon’s favourite artists. He’s had many hits and collabs with the best out at the moment but doesn’t seem to get a lot of love. On Sweetie his new single, its more of the same and that’s great. This is a song we would nickname as Naija function music, as in it’s a song you would play at weddings, parties and other family gatherings. Enough of a nod to the old that your granny can vibe but savvy enough to cater for the kids.

Shadowboxer x Confidential (Feat. Idris Elba & D’Banj)

Yep that Idris Elba. He’s good on it. The track is a definite grower but the star of the show is that Mills & Boon esque cover. I wonder if that guy who wrote that anti Idris Elba poem knows about this.

Orezi x You Garrit

Orezi, the man who wanted rihanna to have his banana, is back with his new song You Garrit. Filmed in Joburg the video is really good, on the fence about the song. There is no denying that he has the talent this track left us feeling wanting more.

Hipsters Don’t Dance x Mixpak FM

Calabar Festival from inie bango on Vimeo.

We were incredibly proud to be asked by our favourite record label Mixpak to participate in their Mixpak FM mix series. We focused on doing a afrobeats/pop mix of stuff we have been enjoying for ages. It was really nice to actually focus on this and try and capture a tiny bit of what the carnival is like. Above is a video from 4 years ago, i think it was my 2nd of my 3 visits. Get the tracklist and download link here, or stream below.