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HDD Video Vault #3 Laundromat

Do you remember when you had to wait for MTV’s The Lick or Yo MTV Raps to see the best new videos? We do! Kazabon even had a VHS of the her favourite videos, from a time when Hype Williams was behind nearly every great video and when artists tried to out-do themselves and their peers with the hottest new video. We have decided to dig into the HDD video vault to bring you some of our favourites.

Today’s selection from the HDD video vault is Nivea’s Laundromat.The video for the excellent R Kelly composition features Nick Cannon as Nivea’s cheating boyfriend (we really wish Kells was playing the role). Nivea catches him in the act and instead of giving him a piece of her mind she heads to the laundry-mat to wash that man out of her em…. draws – being Lil Wayne and The Dream’s baby mama we are pretty sure she has had a few trips to the laundromat!
Cue laundromat dance routine with ‘tired‘ washing detergent, trolleys and suds with Nivea rocking a strange heels and sponge bob knee high socks combo.