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Fantasy Thrilla x Clip

A power soca version of Cham’s Clip? Yes please! Past #strictlyriddims guest Fantasy Thrilla ups the BPM and frankly makes this more danceable than the originally (Gun Cham isn’t my fave Cham). The video for the original is above, shot in Miami.

Strictly Riddims No 11Mixed By Fantasy Thrilla

strictly riddims4
Inspired by dancehall riddims and the recent work of two of our favourite producers Murlo (Quartz EP) and Dubbel Dutch (Self Help Riddim), we have decided to launch the HDD Strictly Riddims mix series focusing on our favourite instrumentals. With this series we hope to increase appreciation for dancehall riddims and instrumentals as we feel that in dancehall the productions and producers don’t often get the props they deserve. The 11th mix in the series is by NY’s Fantasy Thrilla, having become a fan of his on soundcloud we have made sure to check out what he has been up to. Whether it’s dancehall, vogue , bounce or whatever else he wants to wrap his gifted production skills around he is a talent to look out for. This mix takes us through some newer dancehall rididms to the newer tropical bass influenced riddims from across the world.
You can download the mix here
You can find out more from Fantasy Thrilla here

Leftside x Bubble (Dubbel Dutch Blend)

We are massive fans of Leftside here at HDD and also of Dubbel Dutch so when the two combine you can only imagine how happy we are. Dubbel Dutch took TI and Lil Wayne’s Ball which according to Rob Pursey of SH was the song that you heard everywhere at SXSW and added this great Leftside vocal to create this monster. We can’t wait to play it on the dancefloors and see the crowd bubble and whine. We should be cooking up something good to do with Leftside soon enough.

You should also check out his remix of Aidonia’s smutty anthem Pon Di Cocky. And make sure you check out Mixpak Radio every tuesday on Radio Lily.

Roxiny x Cheree (Robzilla Dancehall Flip)

A dancehall flip of song can either go well (see Beyonce’s dancehall interpolation during the already dancehall Baby Boy) or not so well a lot of the Afro Pop stuff. 2 of our favourite recent ones have been Tenille’s Snake Eyes and Tv on the Radio remixed by XXXchange.

In that same vein Robzilla remixes Roxiny an artist with a incredible light voice which complements the marimbas out in force for this remix.

Asap Rocky x Goldie

We are posting this behind the scenes video for Asap Rocky’s latest single Goldie for two reasons. The first is the interaction with producer Hit Boy whom we adore. Not just because he made Paris but also Lay It On Me, Drop The World amongst others. A lot of talk leading up to the release of the single was wondering how Rocky was going to handle a Hit Boy beat, instead we get a wonderful combination of both of their sounds. The second reason why it’s getting a post is that it’s a great track. I may lack the initial thrill of Peso or Purple but it’s really quite accomplished. Expect it to be everywhere soon, because this unlike some of his other tracks will really work in the club.

DJ Teddy King and DJ Gravy – Back In Time

I’ll let you into a secret, i’m not the biggest fan of dancehall or reaggae mixtapes, especially ones that follow the same pattern. The ones that have the DJ screaming over transitions followed by an avalanche of lasers and a cacophony of other sound effects. It all feels rather bland and infuriatingly repetitive.

This mix by Teddy King and Gravy is the opposite. It’s a mix that is lovingly crafted and expertly mixed. featuring a great blend of early 90’s dancehall over classic hip hop beats it’s something that i cant help but enjoy. Even the little bit of chat is highly amusing as it’s often just singing along with classic verses.

You can download the mix over here.
You can also buy the cd of the mix (which features the fantastic artwork over here).