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Nelson Freitas x Ride or Die

Nelson will remain one of those artists that you will continually check to see what he has come up with. This Lp might not be as good as the last but this is a guy not only duelling with being a pop star but a multilingual one as well. Ride or Die is his best writing in English and the simple Kizomba pattern is vibes still.

Nelson Freitas x Mua Linda

We have been team Nelson Freitas for a while now but to see him get 11 million views off his new single is amazing. The song is doing damage in France as well as his native Portugal as well. All hail the king of cheesy pop jams, you have to be crazy to think HW isn’t going to have a ton of this at all family functions.

Boddhi Satva x My Heart (Feat. Nelson Freitas)

Hootie Who loves this song, he loves Nelson Frietas, he wants to go see him perform at the Lisbon colliseum. He doesn’t care of you all know. He is also speaking in the third person in this post in some sort of weird way of masking this confession. All hail Nelson Freitas and his cheesy pop music.