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The Dance Hall x A – Z of African Dances

This is essential because sometimes it’s easy to just think of the current wave of Afro-pop being all that there is. Instead, this video created by Senegal’s first Urban Dance studio captures a lot of why Africa is great. All while the exceptional instrumental to Skelewu is playing. Dancing, we have felt has always been essential to music and in the grand rush to create festivals and events it often gets overlooked. The Dance Hall is meant for dancing, let this be your guide.

Terry G X Iju Anthem

Continuing his streak of covering house tracks, Terry is back this time covering DJ CNDO’s Terminator. When he’s on a roll he’s on a roll i guess.

Mr Killa x Pepper Wine

Mr Killa whose Soca Monarch performance deserves to shown on loop in a museum, is back with a new song called Pepper Wine. Uptempo in bpm but calm in his delivery, its fun. Happy to see that he is going to build on that Rolly Polly success.

R2bees x Killing Me Softly

Seems like a long time ago since kiss my hand but R2BEES are back with a mid 2000 r and b song with plenty of dancehall interpolations.

M.anifest and Jayso x Balotelli

Produced by Jayso this tribute to Super Mario is good. Much better than the Chelsea song, although i don’t know if I’m blinded by the fact that someone made a song about chelsea. The Trappy, Hip Hop beat is good and the first verse really gets into Mario’s story. To be fair it’s great to see people making songs about Mario, Drake professes his domination but can’t be bothered to actually mention him in rhyme. Not that it really matters but we will look back at Mario’s career with intrigue in 20 years time. Money, petulance, racism and self identity are just are small part of his story.