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Mr Vegas x Give Thanks for Life

The “Manifest Destiny” of Dancehall at the moment is to make new songs for new dances. Mr Vegas was supposed to do it with this video using his cut on Success and Strive riddim, Hot Rice. Instead he fell out with Overmarz and now went with the party gospel version of Give Thanks for Life. To be honest it’s the better cut.

Mr Vegas x Hot Rice (Feat. Overmarz)

Look these guys make hits together, this life affirming single is catchy and good. You can’t ask for more from them. By the way Hot Rice is a new dance.

Extra bit here Mr Vegas Medley on Onstage

Mr Vegas x Who Rule (Feat. Latty J)

Mr Vegas continues his throwback vibe with this collab with Latty J. Both of them riding Twice My Age riddim and going back and forth. It’s pretty good battle of the sexes vibe.

Mr Vegas x Pow Pow Pow (Feat. Ce’cile)

Mr Vegas continues his assault on the summer with this collab with Ce’cile. It’s not amazing but it does the trick, that trick being a dance track for the summer.

Mr Vegas x Yuh Daddy

So on holiday Kazabon and I spent time discussing where MR Vegas ranks in our list of fave artists. Few artists have lasted as long as him and put out a pretty consistent string of hits. He takes chances, embraces new style and is currently trying to lead a renaissance in JA dancing. He’s dependable and that is to be admired in genre where you have to release about 8 songs a year to stay relevant. On this new 1 he goes over answer riddim and combines nursery rhymes and a coherent parable to great effect.

We truly are in the nostalgia era at the moment, a lot of artists going back and hopping on older tracks or copying older flows.

Mr Vegas x Give It To Har

Mr Vegas just released his new album titled Bruk It Down 2.0 and it’s full of uptempo dancefloor fillers. The video for Give it to Har features ladies visiting the Bedroom Bully and various dance crews brukking it down in different locations. Watch out for some unusual daggering antics involving a bucket.