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Schlachthofbronx x Gnucci Banana

SCB just released their second EP Carmibo on man recordings. To celebrate it’s release they decided to give away their track with Gnucci Banana, Coolie Fruit.
Here’s the blurb

Leading track “Carimbo” puts the sound of Northern Brasil on the New Orleans bootie map with an irresistible melody and bounce riddims. “Steel Kazoo” is an uptempo smasher that revisists the Trinidad drum legacy in 21st century fashion. “Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana” is another Bounce influenced track that jumps in your face. And last but not least “Yuh Mumma”, which gives the vibe of the Mexican gulf city another serious European re-examination.

Schlachthofbronx – Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana by MANRECORDINGS

Edit: now with video

Schlachthofbronx “Coolie Fruit” feat. Gnucci Banana from Man Recordings on Vimeo.

ps…. great minds think alike run using a corner store as a video shoot idea….