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Omarion x Mia (Feat. Wale)

The best song that the whole MMG movement provided this summer. Omarion be irish dancing his way to success.

Donaeo x House Party

Donaeo is constantly putting out great music, from his Farmer Yardie days to Devil in a Blue Dress to African Warrior. More recently he has released a new lp and also a free Ep featuring man of the moment Sarkodie. On his last Lp he released a Uk version of the Rick Ross mixtape cut Even Deeper. The original featured a Barry White sample whilst on the UK version Donaeo covers him whilst Giggs adds the gruffness. It seems that Doneao has caught the us rap bug and has covered Meek Mill’s Houseparty (also the theme tune to our podcast series). He adds his own touches to it and really makes it his own.

Wale x Lotus Flower Bomb

I guess Wale is like buses, we fall in love with 1 track and tons more appear all of a sudden. On this Miguel featuring track, which we believe spawned abstract poetry rap we will be seeing all over the place from now on, Wale extols the joys of getting to know a girl for the first time. I don’t think he would classify it as that but hey that is what we think.
Also please note that Bree from America’s next top model is the video girl and the intro is taken from the classic Tupac and Janet Jackson film Poetic Justice. Oh and Pat Benatar is hip hop now.

Wale x That Way

In his recent NY Times interview Hip Hop’s current vogue producer Lex Luger mentions that he wishes to branch out from his signature sound to work with artists. We have heard this from other hit producers and it just hasn’t happened, usually most drive “their sound” (sometimes not their own fault) into the ground. Meanwhile this 20 year old producer has already branched out and created an entirely different sounding hit.

This Wale single (originally off the MMG Self Made compilation, not on Wale sophmore Lp Ambition) sees Luger sample Curtis Mayfield’s glossy soul and craft what i imagine what Frank Sinatra would rap over if he wanted to. Whether it’s his “trap” sound or this Luger sure does know when to keep things minimal when need be.