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Miguel x How Many Drinks Remix (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

You would think that a song starring two of the biggest artists last year would get more coverage but this song doesn’t really hit the heights of either of their solo stuff. Probably because this wasn’t in anyone’s favourite Miguel songs off the LP.

Miguel x The Thrill

We have been singing his praises for ages and the LP, Kelidscope Dream, finally dropped. Here is his latest visual which documents the bday celebrations of his missus.

Miguel X Itunes Festival

Someone went ahead and uploaded Miguel’s performance at the Itunes festival late last month. We have been very much pro Miguel on this blog but have never seen him perform , this video shows that he can, sadly this crowd couldn’t give a monkeys. The highlight being the live version of Adorn which kicks off around the 46 minute mark. The audio is great but it’s worth a watch.

Miguel x Art Dealer

Miguel is back with his latest installment of the Art Dealer Chic series. I wish that he would have release a full mixtape instead of drips and drabs every month, but even to say that is unfair as his music is leading the way in R and B in 2012. above is the teaser for the latest edition and here is the link for the ep itself.

Miguel x Adorn

Miguel drops the visual for Adorn, the latest cut off his new mixtape Art Dealer Chic Vol 1 which comes out on February 27th.First of all this might be the best name for a tape this year and second of all it’s Vol 1 so it means it might be extended. We are big fans of Miguel and hope that this year will be even more of a success especially after his star turn in the Wale abstract poetry jam Lotus Flower Bomb.

Wale x Lotus Flower Bomb

I guess Wale is like buses, we fall in love with 1 track and tons more appear all of a sudden. On this Miguel featuring track, which we believe spawned abstract poetry rap we will be seeing all over the place from now on, Wale extols the joys of getting to know a girl for the first time. I don’t think he would classify it as that but hey that is what we think.
Also please note that Bree from America’s next top model is the video girl and the intro is taken from the classic Tupac and Janet Jackson film Poetic Justice. Oh and Pat Benatar is hip hop now.