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May D x All Over You

We’re not sure why May D’s All Over You has only just got a video treatment but we are liking the afropop, dancehall vibes and the willie bouncing in the video. It’s a big tune and has been around for a while (we used it in our mix for Bang Radio last year) so here’s hoping the video gives it the push it deserves.

May D x Get Down (Feat. Oskido)

Ever since he left the P-Square camp May D has been kinda out there by himself. To be honest i thought he would kind of drop off since his post stardom songs didn’t have that verve that the first couple did. It didn’t help that he doesn’t have a very good musical idnentity flitting around the worst sounds of Afo-pop. This simple house influenced track works well for him though, although the Flo- Rida whistling will either annoy you or not.

May D x So Many Tinz

Django inspired video by Mr May D (Former Signee to P-Square records and de facto Akon’s label). I can’t even begin chatting about the video. There is a nice dance breakdown a la Janet in the 80’s and a behind the scenes bit at the end.

May D x Ile Ijo

Mr May D is back with his own single for the summer, the video features dancers, angry birds sweatshirts and various explosions of colour. After guest appearing on the P-Square and Akon Chop My Money Remix and making his own name with the Ben E King sampling Soundtrack this could be the single to propel him into stardom.