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Trinidad James x Females Welcomed

The second best song off the mixtape gets a video by the legend that is Jonathan Mannion (All those DMX covers you love and plenty more iconic work). Mannion’s trips to Trinidad pay off to create another signature James video. all the naysayers who got made when Def Jam signed him might want to rethink those thoughts. James is here to stay and as an artist that throws back to his Trinidad roots often we will support his stuff. Before the lacklustre rap remix of his hit debut single he release the soca remix featuring Shaggy, Machel and erm Pitbull (who does have a long history with Soca stars to be fair to him).

Kes The Band x Carnival Diary 3

When we saw Kes the Band perform in London 3 years ago, we kind of left early. It wasnt their fault, we we wrecked after experiencing one of the best concerts in our lives. You know just Busy Signal, Lil Rick, Skinny Fabulous and a whole host of other soca greats. By the time the band set up we gave in to our tiredness and made way to the exit. It was our loss, since then they release one of the best soca songs ever (Wotless) and have definitely staked a claim for the 2012 soca crown (More on that in feb.) Recently they have been putting up their 2012 soca diaries which features behind the scenes footage of them and their dancers preparing for their gruelling soca season.

P.S if you dont think soca is the happiest music in the world please check out this little soca warrior dancing to Machel Montano.