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Kazabon & Hootie Who x Tipsy Live Set

Kazabon & Hootie Who Live Set at Tipsy (HDD Feb 2013) by Hipsters Dont Dance on Mixcloud

We put out the first 20 mins of our set at Tipsy from earlier in the month on our mixcloud, we would have had more but we ran out of space on the SD card (rookie mistake).It is exactly what you can expect from us; incredible World Carnival music. You can also check out Murlo’s set from earlier on the night on there as well

Gappy Ranks on French Tv

Live music in general is disappearing on Uk TV. We may remember TOTP for being cheesy but at least it provided musicians a goal to reach and to improve their live show. The clamour for acts like odd future is partly due to their energetic live shows.
Gappy doesnt have this problem, i only caught that last 3 songs of his set in december but he captivated the crowd more than during the whole Mavado and Gyptian ending.
You can watch it over here, trust me its great.