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Cee-Lo I Want You

We have been a fan of this song ever since Giles Peterson dropped it on his radio show last year. I’ve worn out the mp3 so much that i know Giles adlibs by heart. “Smile for Steve!” Even the Jools Holland version is lush, if not a tad Tony Bennet.
I am disappointed that this version has added bells and whistles that distract from the great vibe that this song has. I fully expect it to be a wedding day staple for the next 15 years.

P.s We are also fans of the new NBC singing competition the voice in which Cee-Lo is a judge. One of his fellow Judges tried to convince an singer that both he and Cee-lo wanted to work that if she chose to work with Cee-Lo he might show up one day dressed like Batman. In this video he’s gone full on Liberace, more power to him.

Calvin Harris Bounce

Not normally something that we would play at HDD but none the less i felt the video needed to be posted. I went to Vegas in January for a wedding and was immediately struck by how much of a fairytale the place is. These massive expensive gorgeous buildings built in the middle of the desert. It really doesn’t make any sense but none the less it is amazing. The Cosmopolitan Hotel is one of my favourite buildings in the whole world.

One thing that caught my eye was the horrendous dichotomy between these buildings and the small rather dowdy buildings across the road. It offered a glimpse of what Vegas is like for it’s actual citizens. The video only touches on it but it was something that i began to think about.