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Future x Turn On The Lights (L Mann Tell The World About You Garage Remix)

Last week we released the latest in the HDD Hangover series by me, Hootie Who. The whole mix was me basically indulging in the music that I really enjoy but didn’t have the opportunity to play. This includes me trying to meld Future with some classic UK garage (I’ve often felt that Future has the ability to dabble in so many more genres than just Hip Hop). There is something amazing about an artist that can craft great songs, in a genre whose past is so fixated on lyrics, without being a great lyricist. Even that is slightly wrong because his statement ” I want to tell the whole world about you so that they can get jealous is better than anything else I have heard this year. It also describes how music focused people are on twitter.
Anyway I found out that there was a Future Remix contest, sadly we too late to try and enter it. Instead I went through the best of the remixes, a lot of them where not my cup of tea. This one is though, be repeating the refrain and keeping those tinny sounding keys but adding the familiar 4 x 4 of a garage break was a great touch. You can grab it here.