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Nelson Freitas x Mua Linda

We have been team Nelson Freitas for a while now but to see him get 11 million views off his new single is amazing. The song is doing damage in France as well as his native Portugal as well. All hail the king of cheesy pop jams, you have to be crazy to think HW isn’t going to have a ton of this at all family functions.

Kaysha x Don’t Think About It

A staple in our radio shows now gets it’s own glitzy video. Kaysha went on a run of odd covers but his own stuff seems to work even better.

TLX x Nāo é da Minha Conta (Feat Drika)

More Kizomba goodness this time a duet by TLX and Drika. It’s vibey and just right, from what we can glean from the video and way that they are singing it seems as if they are putting someone on blast. The title translated means “but that’s none of my business” which probably relates to the Kermit meme.

HDD x Radar Radio May 7

5. Radar Radio Insta_MAY7

Last Thursday we went back to Radar Radio for our latest fortnightly radio show. World Carnival MADNESS with a strong mixer of Soca.

HDD x Radar Radio May 7th 2015 by Hipsters Dont Dance on Mixcloud


Download here

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Yola Araújo x Eu sou (Feat. Fabious)

More goodness from Angola, i can’t say much about it apart from the fact it’s produced by C4Pedro and is a light and breezy pop kizomba jam.