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Pum Pum Riddim/ Showa Eski x Riddim Mix

We don’t know what’s exactly in the water right now but various influences came together at the same time for this riddim mix to happen. First of all you have Spooky‘s Coolie Joyride EP out on Oilgang records, look out for the refixes especially the Samename one. Then you have Spooky’s mix for Mixpak where he showcases his favourite examples of Grime and Dancehall meeting up. You also have last year’s 10 year anniversary of Grime, Oil Gang’s reggae mix he sent us, Slackk and Murlo’s work ethic and Natalie Storm Boys for Breakfast being used by Adidas for their latest campaign(see above). Then there was the tease that we are finally going to hear the sequel to Showa Eski called Showa Step. All of it combined to make us want to do a riddim mix combining the two riddims and cuts from Donaeo, Kano, Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Einstein and the man himself Wiley. Shout out to Commander B for making Pum Pum riddim and Prodigal Entertainment for the riddims themselves.

The Streets – Fit But You Know It Remix

We recently found out that a good friend of ours was in a Lady Sov video, remember her? (Last we heard of her was that she was hitting on a friend of ours in Holloway). Anyway we got caught up watching old The Beats videos (Mike Skinner’s old Record label home to Kano, Example, Leo the Lion and The Mitchell Brothers at one point) and the Fit But You Know It remix video came up. The video is great because it has everyone at their youngest: Kano spitting about how “You think you’re a diva”, Lady Sov flirting unconvincingly with a guy (in hindsight this makes a bit more sense), Tinchy looking like he has bring his parent to a 12 a film and Donaeo singing about bigger women. It really is a blast from the past.